Re: man pages for c++?

John L Fjellstad wanted us to know:

I was wondering if there exist man pages for c++ like they do for c
language routines?
It's in libstdc++6-4.1-doc (if you are on Edgy. For Dapper, you
probably have to change the version number to your latest. Do a
apt-cache search libstdc++ and just install the latest).

There is also html versions of the manual pages in

Thanks for your reply. But I am a bit confused at seeing three different
versions of libstdc++ on my system (edgy).

- libstdc++5
- libstdc++6
- libstdc++6.4.1-dev

Well the third entry is a development library version, i.e. with source
code. But there exist a corresponding doc package for all three

Is it possible that some software on my system might depend on older
c++ library implementations while some on newer versions? Is this the
reason behind different installed versions?

I'll just install one doc version for now and see if it satisfies my



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