Re: How to add TTF font files to 6.10 ?

On Tue, 2007-02-20 at 14:22 -0800, NoOp wrote:
On 02/16/2007 03:12 PM, W.D.McKinney wrote:
I just built my new workstation with Ubuntu 6.10 and all is well. I have a "MegaFONT" CD with loads of ttf's zipped up on it. How do I add ttf files to this workstation?


Have a look here:

Also note that sometimes folks get confused when they get to the " file
browser" part and attempt to enter fonts:/// in a web browser. The file
browser that they are refering to is your Nautilus *file browser*; once
in the file browser just enter CTL-L as in the instructions.

It may be more clear to simply tell folks to press "Alt-F2" and enter
the command or location.

After your fonts are installed, I also recommend that you update your
fonts cache(s) from a terminal window by:

sudo fc-cache -fv

Good point.

Michael R. Head <burner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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