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Patton Echols wrote:
No, not really. The OP had asked why he could not see a win share from
his linux box. You had advised giving the win box a static IP. I was
just suggesting that it isn't required to give the win box a static IP
for the Linux box to see it. A good idea to be sure, but not required.

No, but as I've said, it's better to be safe than sorry, especially when
things aren't working.

I had previously thought "whatever" and never had any real problems with
dynamic IP peers. I'm persuaded by your argument though and I'm trying
to figure out if there is any reason to *not* give the boxes in my home
net static IPs.
Well, another reason I can think up of is when your hosting some form of
service on the internet, like a web server, for instance, where the open
port will be mapped to a static IP. This, of cos, has no relation
whatsoever to internal networking.

If U haven't run into any problems yet, then I might suggest that U
leave things as they are.


Wei-Yee Chan

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