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H.S.Rai wrote:
I am setting up a lab, and proposing to have dual boot, ubuntu and
MSXP. For Ubuntu bases setup, I want student should able to sit on any
machine, get authenticated from remote server (thus not need to create
user on every machine), gets his home directory served from some
server, able to run applications from local machine with data accessed
and stored from his remote home directory.

May you suggest me what need to be installed on Server, and how client
need to be configured (may be with some additional softwares.)

Simple advise and pointer to article, howto or tutorial will be more
than enough.

I'm using LDAP for this; I just can't bear having Microsoft on the
property (long story) so I don't mess with ActiveDirectory. I use the
"LDAPTastic" keyword to find my howto. It's concise, simple, and I can
always find it.

I've found *webmin* to be the best available casual modifier of the
LDAP server, though phpldapadmin has all the controls and details. Luma
still needs work, but shows promise.

Around here is 4-5 workstations, with /home and /shares
NFS-sharable. All the media, games, etc are on /shares. You can sit down
upstairs at that machine, leave because it's noisy up there, and when
you login from downstairs *everything* is the way you left it. True
portable login. It's nice, it's reliable, and convenient.

If you find yourself needing example files, drop me a note.

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