Re: Can I over ride the disk check?

Dave M G wrote:

Ubuntu Users,

As everyone knows, every so often when you boot the computer, it forces
a scan of the disk. I believe this is happening every 30 boots or so.

However, while I understand that this is a good thing and don't often
have a problem, sometimes it happens at an inconvenient time. Like when


You can modify the frequency (or shut boot scans off) with 'tune2fs'
like this, in a terminal...

sudo tune2fs -c 60 /dev/sda1

The key parts are '-c 60' and '/dev/sda1'. 60 is the number of boots
between scans, and /dev/sda1 is the partition you want to modify.
Typically that will be /dev/sda1 or /dev/hda1 for "normal"
installations. If you're unsure, invoking 'df -h' in a terminal will
list your partitions. Look for the "big one" mounted on '/'. ;)
Invoking 'mount -l' will give you similar info, but not so pretty.

Setting something larger than the default 30 won't make boot scans less
annoying, just less frequent. You can shut them off with '-c 0', but as
you've already acknowledged that's not wise.

There's also a utility that can supposedly (haven't tried it personally)
modify and/or warn you about impending scans at next boot, delay them,
schedule them for next boot, etc...

I don't know if there's anywhere to get Bonager other than through the

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