Re: firefox wants to enter a misspelled email address in forms?

Matt Price wrote:
a,k if i'd only known it were so easy! thanks matt.
it seems as though firefox is now reluctant to ADD new values for this
field, though. so now that i've tried entering my real address in the
forms at, having deleted the previously-irritating
misspelled value, no new value is being saved. any idea where i ought
to look to change this behaviour? somewhere in the bowels of
about:config, perhaps?
That's strange. What version of Firefox are you running. In 1.5, open
Preferences, click Privacy, then Saved Forms. Make sure the box is
checked. Otherwise, I would just restart the browser and be patient.
It's likely just a fluke.

hmm, i'm not sure it is just a fluke. i've restarted several times and
am seeing the same behaviour, using
as a test case. The form on this page has two fields at the top, emmail
address and name. Having deleted the incorrectly-spelled email address,
i find that no new data is being gathered for that field

Sorry, I really don't know, then. You might consider filing a bug

Matt Flaschen

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