Re: OK I've got backups, BUT ....

On 3/27/07, R Kimber <rkimber@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've just rebooted my Ubuntu 6.10 system and it seems to be completely
screwed in the sense that it has been restored to the state it was in
round about last August. Bizarrely, data files that I have long since
deleted have reappeared, and many many new files and programs have

What has happened? Is this anything to do with evms? And is there a way
of restoring things without a complete re-install?

The first thing I'd check is that you haven't accidentally booted up
the wrong partition. One of my PCs at home periodically "forgets"
which of two hard drives to boot first. If you've played around with
different versions of Ubuntu, it's possible that you have multiple
boot partitions and accidentally started a blast from the past....

If that isn't it, I wouldn't have a clue. Sounds very bizarre.


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