Re: Denyhosts

Scott Abbey wrote:
Brian Fahrlander wrote:
I'm seeing "universe" in there in a couple of places- how come I
don't see the packages?

Yeah, oops XO. Mea culpa.

Sorry, Brian. I should have specified that I am running Feisty, the latest
development version of Ubuntu. That package wasn't added to the
repositories until Edgy; which, of course, you wouldn't have access to.

My best advice to you would be, unless you absolutely NEED the stability and
LTS of Dapper, to update to Edgy, and the to Feisty once it is released. If
you DO need it, you'll either have to live without, and use an alternative
(fail2ban is my personal pick), or find someone to create a package for

I imagine this is also responsible for many of the other missing packages
you have encountered. Despite Dapper's touted stability, I find Edgy, and
now Feisty, much more feature-complete than Dapper ever was, even with
backports. I've never encountered stability problems with Edgy, and with
Feisty approaching release, it is shaping up to be quite stable as well.

Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

You're a gentleman and a scholar. :) Thanks for also being a nice guy!

I've toyed with moving up, I'm just hesitant; only one of 5-6 of the
machines even HAS the OpenGL card, so 'wobbly windows' won't help much,
even if they don't just drive me crazy, looking at'em all day. But I'm
also curious to see how well Canonical manages from LTS to I'll
look into fail2ban.

And immediately, I have some other problems to fight, namely mailman.

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