Re: Going from i386 AMD 64 Dual Core

On Mon, 2007-04-09 at 08:17 -0400, Matt Galvin wrote:
On 4/9/07, Ben Edwards <funkytwig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Can I just apt-get a amd64 kernal or should I do other stuff?

Hi Ben

No. In order to use your system as an amd64 system you would need to
perform a clean install using the amd64 installation CD. It's not only
the kernel that matters. Virtually every package is built for a
particular architecture (there are some exceptions). If you want a 64
bit OS you need to install it along with all the 64 bit versions of
all the applications and everything else as well.

Be aware that some things will not work (easily) in 64 bit mode such
as Flash for example. There is no 64 bit version of flash (although
there are ways to make it work it is a little tricky).

Hi Ben,

I've just had this situation and decided to go with 64 bit.

For the Flash concern this link:

shows how to add a 32 bit version of Firefox (you'll end up with both)
and it worked fine for me (you get the new version of Flash). It has
automated scripts for Dapper and Edgy. I used the manual instructions as
I am using Feisty. I know there's alot of opinion as to whether the
64bit is worth the trouble and there is much information on the Forums
(Wine is perhaps a particular problem but I don't use it so didn't
investigate that) but I am glad I took the plunge.


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