Re: Going from i386 AMD 64 Dual Core

Ben Edwards wrote:
On 09/04/07, Matt Galvin <mgalvin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 4/9/07, Ben Edwards <funkytwig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Can I just apt-get a amd64 kernal or should I do other stuff?
Hi Ben

No. In order to use your system as an amd64 system you would need to
perform a clean install using the amd64 installation CD. It's not only
the kernel that matters. Virtually every package is built for a
particular architecture (there are some exceptions). If you want a 64
bit OS you need to install it along with all the 64 bit versions of
all the applications and everything else as well.

If I stick to 32bit will both cores be used, are there performance
benefits or just memory addressing etc of 64bit.

I believe you need to do:

sudo aptitude install linux-image-686

to have both cores/cpus be used.

Matt Flaschen

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