Re: how to change system name

Abhishek Gupta wrote:
hostname have been changed to grid
but its still showing abhishek@abhishek-grid:~$ in the command line

I want to change it as abhishek@grid:~$

Plz give me suggestion

- abhishek

On 4/9/07, Thilo Six <T.Six@xxxxxx> wrote:

Abhishek Gupta wrote the following on 09.04.2007 14:24:
Hi All,
I am using ubuntu ver. 6.10.
I want to change my system name from abhishek@abhishek-grid:~$ to
abhishek@grid:~$ in command line terminal
How can I do this?

Did you restart? Also, modify /etc/hostname first if it still has the
wrong value.

Matt Flaschen

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