Re: countdown to feisty release (with pending show-stoppers)

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
R Kimber wrote:

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 03:55:11 -0400
Matthew Flaschen wrote:

"Attention: Not to be used with RAID"

You don't think you *might* be overestimating the number of people
this problem affects, do you?

Are you implying that known problems should not be be flagged if they
are likely to affect fewer than X users? And what is X?

I didn't say not to flag it. Go ahead and file a launchpad bug (in the
unlikely event there isn't one). It doesn't deserve to be on the main
page though, and it's definitely *not* a show-stopper.

Matt Flaschen

Thanks for the heads up, Matt.

~Rick Donahue
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