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Nils Kassube wrote:
On Wednesday 25 April 2007 14:49, Larry Shields wrote:

Derek Broughton wrote:

Larry Shields wrote:

I'm not sure if anyone has had this problem or not, but here is what
happens when I boot the system up...

Not in a long, long, time...

It starts out with grub, then show a black screen with a loading
bar, but the bar gets just about to the end, then it reverts back to
a black screen, with a login prompt...

I now have to login, then startx to get it up and running...Might
anyone know how to correct the problem, so that it will bootup

What do you _want_ to happen? startx starts X for a single user, and
afaik isn't ever set up to automatically run from init (though I'm
sure you could do it, I wouldn't recommend it). If you want a GUI
login (GDM, KDM, XDM), then first you need to have the appropriate
package installed, and active in /etc/rc2.d/ (installing one of the
*dm packages _should_ set up the init links).

If you can run that script from sudo, then check /var/log/Xorg.*.log
and /var/log/*dm.log for error messages.

Since startx does work, I would expect that you're using a login
manager and the errors are in the /var/log/*dm.log file.

Hello Derek,
Well what I want it too do it to start up as it all ways did when it
was first installed...
Showing the bar loading, then it switches to a screen with a light
brown in color with a small rectangular box for loging in...
At that point typing my username & password, hiting enter it brings up
Gnome desktop...

But now what it does is show the loading bar, but it never finishes
loading, then it switches me to a back screen with a log in
prompt...From that point I log in, then I have too use startx to bring
up my desktop...So I suppose it is GDM that I am looking for...So what
is the appropriate package that I am missing...??? Plus why would it be
missing since it has all ways worked prior to this problem, I can not
see what has been changed, or remove and why...

Please check if the package gdm is installed. Furthermore there should be
a file /etc/X11/default-display-manager which has the path to gdm, i.e.
there is a line


in that file.

I looked in my /var/log dir., but did not see a *dm.log file, so what
may I ask is *dm, do you mean the dmesg.gz log's...???

Derek meant the logfile of your display manager which should be gdm in
your case. The logfile for gdm is in /var/log/gdm/ at least on my machine
which runs Dapper. However, if you have used kdm also (that's the display
manager for Kubuntu / KDE), there should be a logfile /var/log/kdm.log as


Hello Nils,

It now looks like we are getting closer on why it does not bootup
There isn't a script gdm in the /usr/sbin/??? area...

But it does have the path in the /etc/X11/default-display-manager
showing /usr/sbin/gdm...

How that script was deleted is beyond me, but at anyrate where can I get
it from, maybe the Ubuntu 6.10 CD...???

Thanks for the reply...


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