Re: Ubuntu releasing beta software???

Bruce Marshall wrote:
On Saturday 28 April 2007, Art Edwards wrote:
The continuing frustration with feisty has led to this.

No frustration here and I've only been a *ubuntu user for a couple of months.

I received the following error

libpng12-0_1.2.15~beta5-1_i386.deb size mismatch

I then did a synaptic search on libpng and all packages in feisty, save
libpng3-dev have a "beta" in the name.

Does it seem at all prudent to "Release" a distribution with beta
software, especially something so basic as libpng???

Of course, that must be your 'hot button' and if it doesn't work right, the
entire release is beta.....

My hot button is that if a piece of software doesn't work, or isn't
sufficiently tested, it shouldn't be "released."

If this arose because of a commitment to six month release intervals (no
matter what), I would suggest relaxing that goal in the interest of not
angering your user base.

Art Edwards

I see no problems whatever and have been a heavy linux user for the past 15
years, so I do exercise a lot of the apps.

Go back to edgy if you don't think Feisty is going to do the job.

My difficulty is that I haven't been able even to test feisty because
the install has been completely stuck for four days. I am getting a lot
of size mismatches. This package is simply one of the packages that is
registering a size mismatch.

If you're interested, more later.

Art Edwards

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