Re: A little help please!

On April 30, 2007 05:03:12 am Bob Cortez wrote:
So yeah, automatix sucks. Tried to upgrade from edgy to feisty after
installing packages using automatix and couldn't even get to the login
screen. Ended up having to killdisk and re-install from an alternate

There seems to be a prevalent attitude here that anyone that is having
problems must be a simple minded idiot. I know that I'm not the only
one that has had trouble getting audio/video to work. I'm not an
idiot and I'm capable of following clear instructions. i was able to
fix my display problem with the nvidia drivers, so installing and
configuring codecs and players shouldn't be so difficult for me.

I'm very interested in converting others to Ubuntu. But for the
majority of people, they just expect to be able to put in a DVD/CD and
have it play. They don't care about what player or codecs are used,
they just want it to work. I'll take the time to learn, and will even
blow up an installation and start from scratch if need be, but it's
unreasonable to expect the normal, average user to do that.

I have a fresh uncluttered install of Feisty. If someone would be so
kind as to point me to a clear set of instructions for installing the
necessary codecs to play all media including encrypted DVD's I would
appreciate it. It doesn't matter if its command line or synaptic.


On 4/29/07, Brad Johnson <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'll be updating my laptop from edgy to fiesty and will let the list
know how it goes with automatix2 installed.

The ONLY thing we need to know about Automatix is that the Ubuntu
Developers recommend you DON'T use it, which is enough for me.

I've had working audio/video in every Ubuntu release since Breezy.
Obviously previous releases took some research & doing but Feisty (for
me at least) installed everything I needed for codecs with the exception
of libdvdcss2 for playing encrypted DVDs.


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I used automatix on edgy, and it worked very well.

upgrading to feisty did not work well,
but reinstalling a fresh feisty + automatix worked like a charm.

I agree that automatix can break the upgrade procedure,
but it is the simpler way if you do a fresh install (like i always do)

Even with the magic of ubuntu excellent upgrade tools, i never
acheived a succesfull upgrade to my satisfaction.

Installing a new version from fresh assure you of the REAL THING (TM)
You know where you start, what you have, and what you add.

Just my 2 cents...

Martin Laberge

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