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Dave M wrote:
I would like to move my Ubuntu (v6.06) installation from one system
(MS6368) to another (PM9MS). The PM9MS motherboard has a 3ghz P4, 1Gb
memory and integrated I/O (Sound/Video/Disk/Ethernet/USB etc). It is based
on the VIA chip set (VT6103 LAN, VT8237 South Bridge and PM800 North
Bridge) and the ITE IT8705 Super-I/O chip.

What is the easiest way to deal with configuring the drivers for a new
motherboard? If I move the disks from one system to the other will Ubuntu
detect the new hardware or do I have to do something to update the drivers?

I ran the live CD and that seems to work so I think the hardware is
supported. I would like to avoid having to re-install everything from
scratch if I can.


Dave M
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I'd just swap out the hard drive from one computer to the other, not
hard to do, and Ubuntu will detect your hardware upon booting it up...


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