Re: Connecting to MySQL using Open Office Base via ODBC...

On 06/04/2007 02:43 AM, Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
The was a step that I missed out, see below:

# Move the Ubuntu Oo binary
sudo mv /usr/bin/ooffice /usr/bin/ooffice.ubuntu

This way you can execute the new Oo by executing /usr/bin/ooffice, and
the ubuntu one using /usr/bin/ooffice.ubuntu

Ah... that is why I couldn't except for running directly from /usr/lib/

One problem that I ran into is if you uninstall (O)OOo you need to
remember to remove the sym links. Otherwise a new install of (U)OOo will
still try to refer to the (O)OOo installation (which is no longer
there). I ran into this on one system that I decided to remove all OOo,
then install (U)OOo, test, and then install (O)OOo.

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