Re: Feisty and ping

spacemarc wrote:
2007/6/14, Harry L. Lee <harry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
what do you mean doesn't work?

I mean that it doesn't show output, like ping, finger and the others
net tools...
I have a USB modem

2007/6/15, James Takac <p3nndrag0n@xxxxxxxxx>:
I noticed when setting up firestarter an option to allow ping, icmp, etc to
allow traceroute and such to work. So my Q would be, do you have firestarter
or another firewall enabled along the way which might be blocking them?

I have Firestarter but I block ping requests only incoming, like ever

Try disabling ICMP filtering and see if that fixes the problem. Which
options for ICMP filtering do you have turned on in Firestarter? And are
there any events logged when you try to ping a remote machine?

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