Re: Ubuntu 6.10 hangs on install

Pete Holsberg wrote:
Mike keyed the following on 6/22/2007 7:29 AM:

CJ wrote:

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2007/06/21 21:45 (GMT-0600) CJ apparently typed:

well, 7.04 is newer, so there will be support for it after 6.10
reaches end-of-life

You have that backwards. Normal support (EOL) is 2 years. LTS
support is 3 or 5 years, depending on whether desktop or server
version. 7.04 is not LTS. 6.10 is LTS.

oh i never knew that, i was told, and always though, 6.10 was
regular. Well, if you want to use 6.10, theres nothing stopping you
(that is if you can get the installer going), but i still recommend
that you atleast use something newer. You dont have to if you dont
want to though, 6.10 is gonna be supported for a few more years (2
if im not mistaken).

7.04 is my favorite --cj

Just to make this clear, 6.10 is not LTS. Version 6.06 is LTS.

What do gusty, feisty and edgy have that 6.06 does not? IOW, who
"upgrades" and for what reasons?

ive had problems with the installer on 6.06 (ive never installed 6.10,
mainly because 6.06 is LTS) where it either doesnt create my password
right (or doesnt create it at all and i cant log in), or sometimes it
doesnt install grub (or if it does, it doesnt configure it).

ive never had that issue with Fiesty

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