Re: Feisty, can't connect to localhost

Dan Stieg wrote:
I am trying to set up apache. I installed both apache and apache2 and
am unable to connect to localhost through Firefox or telnet. I added
port 80 to iptables. sudo telnet localhost gives:

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

Depending on the port you want to connect there must be a server
listening. If you want to connect to your apache on port 80 you should
first check, if there is a service listening on port 80:

netstat -tan | grep 80

The output should look like this:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN

If it isn't running, you should first find out what's wrong with it. If
you can see there is a server listening, you can type

telnet localhost 80

to test the connection to your apache. Or you could just connect with your
browser to <http://localhost>.

BTW: With the command you mentioned, telnet tried to connect to the
standard port for telnet (23), but you should not have a telnetd running.
And you don't need sudo to start telnet -- but it doesn't hurt :)


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