is edubuntu 7.04 broken?

I'm running a few tests on edubuntu 7.04. I'm running into all kinds of

1. Software RAID didn't work the way it should
1. sdb1 was automatically placed in an array (md0)
2. I was unable to delete the array
3. I was unable to put sdb1 into a different array
2. I did an update a bunch of packages were not configured
1. Most if not all of the open office packages were not configured
2. There may have been other packages that didn't get configured
3. I had trouble with my mouse pointer
1. After the system boots I have a pointer
2. The pointer is there when I log in
3. The pointer disappears when I log out
4. It comes back when I reboot

I have never seen so many problems with Ubuntu before. I either have a
bad download/CD or someone didn't test it before it was released. What's
going on here?

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