Re: Fernando's massive sig(now off-topic but in-thread)

On 8/14/07, Bart Silverstrim <bsilver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
(``-_-´´) -- Fernando wrote:
On 8/14/07, Bart Silverstrim <bsilver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A) quoting. I don't need to see a person's #$%@ sig three or four times
because the quoter is too lazy to trim it down.
Whenever possible I trim my emails!

Later on I had put in that I wasn't specifically targeting you.
I noticed.

<snip><snip><snip>........ <snip>

I was just venting a bit, and you happened to ask the catalyst question.
That's why I put into the message that it wasn't you in particular I
was referring to...just a general WTF?!? to the world.

Hey man, I like your point of views, but please try to stay on topic.
Even I cant read all the you are now writing.

BUGabundo :o)
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