Re: Fernando's massive sig(now off-topic but in-thread)

Bart Silverstrim wrote:

(yes, I snipped attributions, no idea who said what, immaterial to my point)

Brian Fahrländer Christian, Conservative, and
Technomad Evansville, IN ICQ: 5119262
AOL/Yahoo/GoogleTalk: WheelDweller

Well said Brian! Take the high road!

Everyone! Standardize on this format for sigs!

Makes it easier to create a filter to strip it out of text mail...

Uh, no. How about adopting the 20 year old standard of starting your
signature with dash dash space newline ("-- \n") which most software used by
Linuxistas filters or colorizes or strips out as the end user sees fit.
You'll notice that the mailing list does this. ;)

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