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On Sat, 2007-08-18 at 06:26 -0700, William Temple wrote:
I need to have windows XP on my system but would also like to use

I made a partition for Ubuntu of 29 gig,

I had the same situation. I did it wrong.
I had disconnected WIN-XP to avoid damage to WIN-XP.
It took me a second try to get it right.

The best way :
1. Get the Ubuntu-CD. For free from Ubuntu. Or download
the iso and burn it to a CD.
I asked the local LUG (Linux Users Group) to do it for me.
(Cebu city, Philippines)
They distribute the CDs for free.

2. Make sure your WIN-XP is working (starts up normal).

3. Put the Ubuntu-CD in the drive and start-up.

If all is well, the installation is automatic.
You will have a dual-boot system.
If WIN-XP comes up (instead of Ubuntu install), activate
'Boot from CD' in your BIOS. (and start again).
I found it as simple as that.

My Ubuntu-partition was on a separate harddisk (minimum
disk-space is 3GB. 6GB will last for years, for
email-only operation).

I later-on took out the Ubuntu hard-disk (to a new computer)
and I found the old/remaining XP was starting up fine on
its own. (Ubuntu did not over-write WIN-XP in any way).
The XP boot was not affected.

The kids have almost abandoned the WIN-XP computer because
it is easier for them to surf on my new Linux-only computer.
(with the broadband modem).
The kids have a choice ......
I have made my choice ..... no more WINdows for me.

Herman in PHL (Philippines).


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