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roger bouche wrote:
I used 2 hard drives hddo and hdd1 being ubuntu . It worked fine for
about 2 weeks. I do not know what happened but both drives had Ubuntu
after that and I lost my XP .
Seems like they don't like one-another LOL . But thats what happened to me .
Roger B

On 8/18/07, alex <aradsky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

alex wrote:

William Temple wrote:

I need to have windows XP on my system but would also like to use UBUNTU.

I made a partition for Ubuntu of 29 gig,


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You should supply more far it seems that all you
have done is make a partition for Ubuntu but did you actually install it?

To do things properly, you should always have MS Windows installed and
working before trying to install any Linux system. If you don't do
this, booting either Windows or any Linux becomes a complicated operation.
The boot system is done from a Linux system so it has to be installed
after Windows which doesn't have the dual booting that Linux has.

1. Remove ubuntu if you have already installed it.
2. Install Windows in the usual way. It should be in partition C: of
your hard drive.3.
3. Install your Linux system (ubuntu, in this case)

The installation of linux after windows creates a dual boot system in
Linux so you'll be able to boot either one. This doesn't happen if
linux is installed first.


More explanation:

When a Linux systerm is being installed, it looks around to see what
other operating systems are already installed and adds them to the boot
menu that will be created in Linux
Windows doesn't do this while it is being installed. That's why you have
to install Windows first. Windows is unaware that there's another
operating system if Linux is already installed.

Let's say you're installing 3 different Linux systems after you've
installed Windows.

you already have Windows installed, there is no special boot menu.
when you install Linux #1, Linux #1's boot menu will include
Windows and Linux #1
When you install Linux #2, Linux #2's boot menu will include
Windows, Linux #1, and Linux #2
When you install Linux #3, Linux #3's boot menu will include
Windows, Linux #1, Linux #2 and Linux #3.

The default menu is that of the last Linux that was installed.

It is possible to copy a boot menu from one Linux system to another, if
you prefer the style of one the Linux's system boot

I have 7 different Linux system (three UBUNTUs) installed but use #1's
Ubuntu boot system. This required copying boot data from the other
systems to #1's boot menu.


You must have done something incorrectly.... two hard drives
should get along very nicely. All I can say is, try again.

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