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Jack Bowling wrote:
On Sat, Sep 08, 2007 at 10:18:43AM -0500, Brian Fahrlander wrote:
I'm trying to write a daemon, probably in perl, to listen on a port
and the write to a 1-wire network. Surprisingly, the 1-wire thing is
the easy part- it's just files.

But I want to make the 1-wire display listen to TCP; telnet to it,
it shows up on the screen.

Does anyone have any history on how I might start something like this?

The one I use is ttywatch, originally written by then-Red Hat employee
Michael Johnson. Runs as a daemon to which you give it various parameters
such as serial port to monitor, speed, log file name, etc. Googling for ttywatch should bring you right to the tarball. Latest is ttywatch-0.14.

I use it at work in combination with a perl script to get pressure readings
off various barometers. Works great. Not sure from your email if you want
to both read and write to a port but with ttywatch and perl you can glue
anything together.

Interesting; though I've already found a code snippet in Perl and
made both client and server, I appreciate finding tools like this, from
time to time, thanks.

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