Re: Suspend and hibernate still not working on my laptop

On Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 05:56:06PM +0100, Michele wrote:
I have recently installed Gutsy on a (rather old) laptop and I have a number
of small issues which I would like to expose in a number of emails.

This is installment two:

I missed installment one. Perhaps you mentioned the model of the laptop
in it? Suspend issues are rather hardware-specific and it's nearly
impossible to give general advice.

This is not specific to Gutsy as I had the same problem in Feisty (in Edgy
hibernate worked, suspend never did). Every time I try to suspend I cannot
resume. I do not care too much as I would not use suspend that much anyway
even if it was working.
Hibernate instead is something I use quite a lot and at present the only way
to suspend is to issue a
sudo s2disk
from the terminal or from TTY?

It seems that you use uswsusp instead of Gutsy's default
suspend/hibernation infrastructure, which is acpi-support. Why?

When resuming, all the USB ports have gone and I have to issue
sudo modprobe -r -v ehci_hcd && sudo modprobe -v ehci_hcd
to make them restart.

But everything works after that?

I'm not familiar with uswsusp. It is likely that there's some
configuration file that would tell it to remove and reinsert the
ehci_hcd module.

If you used Ubuntu's standard acpi-support, that configuration file
would be /etc/default/acpi-support (the MODULES setting). Hm, I see a
comment there mentioning that USB drivers are automatically unloaded if
you use acpi-support.

Is there a way to get Gutsy to hibernate/resume properly?

As far as I understand, you already found a way that works, it's just
rather inconvenient. I don't know if you can integrate uswsusp with
Gutsy's GUIs that control suspend/hibernation. In your place I'd try to
get acpi-support to work instead.

If you want to continue using s2disk, and want GNOME Power Manager's
menus use it instead of acpi-support, I think you can get that if you
remove the acpi-support package (but this may break other features, e.g.
brightness or volume control keys) or edit the
/usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-power-hibernate-linux script to
try s2disk before /etc/acpi/ (I do not recommend editing
system files managed by apt-get either; upgrades will silently overwrite

Marius Gedminas
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