BUG: pure-ftpd-ldap (1.0.21-11ubuntu1): LDAP schema and syntax violation

I believe I have found two errors in current pure-ftpd-ldap packages shipped
with Gutsy:

1. Syntax error in attributetype description
The attributetype description 'FTPStatus' in the pureftpd.schema that ships
with 1.0.21-11ubuntu1 has a syntax error. The word "SYNTAX" is there twice and
should only be there once:

attributetype ( NAME 'FTPStatus'
DESC 'Account status: enabled or disabled'
EQUALITY booleanMatch

The typo invalidates the schema and slapd won't start.

2. Setting either FTPStatus TRUE or FALSE always disables logins
The Syntax rule for FTPStatus only allows to set TRUE or FALSE. pure-ftpd
however expects either "enabled" or "disabled". If FTPStatus is present and
neither "enabled" or "disabled" are given, pure-ftpd always assumes
"disabled", which effectively disables logins if the Admin sets FTPStatus =
TRUE as required by the SYNTAX definition.

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