Re: root password setting unoffered at install

David Vincent wrote:
Eric S. Johansson wrote:

I have not figured out how to use vmware server's remote console without having
a root password enabled on the host machine. Any suggestions?

which ubuntu are you running and which vmware server and where did you
install from?

there is a bug in the 1.03 version in the commercial repo for feisty
where remote console login does not work but there is an easy workaround.

if you installed 1.04 from the vmware site it should work for you (it
worked for me). make sure you have xinetd installed.

1.0.4 server on dapper (606lts). Personally I never use the repository images
and always built from scratch because my usual experiences that the vmware .deb
fail and I don't have time to debug. I also stick to 606 because everything
else is horribly unreliable/unsupported (from a virtual machine perspective).

When I tried non-root IDs, they usually give me permission failed unless I make
everything 777. I'll take adding a root password over that.

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