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Il giorno gio, 06/12/2007 alle 21.35 -0500, Erik Schmidt ha scritto:
Hi, I'm having an issue with mounting from the command line.

I'm running ubuntu 6.10 on my PPC iBook G4, and I have it loaded onto a
partition on my built-in hard drive. I'd like to mount my Mac OS X
partition from ubuntu so that I can transfer data between them, so I go
into command line, go to the mnt directory that I set up using mkdir,
and execute sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/hda3

voila, the partition shows up in mnt! Unfortunately, though I can read,
I cannot write, and this is a problem. I tried using -o rw, but that
doesn't work.
may be you already checked this, but sometimes helps to be reminded of
the obvious (at least, this is true for me;)). Do you have an
uid=yourusername in the fstab entry for /dev/hda3? Otherwise, AFAIK, the
filesystem will be mounted as belonging to root and of course you'll not
be able to write on it. You can check if this is the case in two ways:
first do a
ls -l /mnt
If al directories and files are shown as belonging to root then is as I
told you above... You could also try to do a
sudo touch /mnt/foobar
and see if you still got the same error message you get by
touch /mnt/foobar
executed as login user.

Hoping that helps

Leo "TheHobbit" Cacciari

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