Re: Internet Explorer

On Sunday 09 December 2007 02:20:58 Willis wrote:
In my research I have found that to use the esword-Ubuntu program I must
have the Internet Explorer installed for the program to work. I have it
installed in my root account and I thought that would be all I needed.
I can install esword to my root account and it works perfectly, but it
will not install to my user account. I have forgotten what I did to
install it and I would appreciate some help. I can find the program but
I did not take notes on the installation and cannot get it installed to
my user account.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Willis

I don't think it needs IE installed but can't say for sure. I take it you're
installing esword from the deb file? Maybe the problem is that you're
installing it to your root account and not on a normal (everyday user)

As for IE, again not to the root account but your normal user account. You can
get it at


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