installing ubuntu 7.10 on Geode

Hello all,

I am trying to install Ubuntu 7.10 on a miniPC ( powered by AMD Geode LX800 500MHz. (I think it uses a CSCS5536 chip) When I tried to run Desktop CD with that miniPC, it shows the splash screen and also the progress bar that shows ubuntu loading. When it comes to the place where it should show the gnome desktop, the screen went blank. I tried Ctrl+Alt+F1 but nothing happened. I thought it has something to do with display driver and booted in safe graphic mode. The result is the same. The only response I get from it were when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. If I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, the usual message "Remove the Disc and press Enter to continue." appeared.

I then installed Ubuntu on that miniPC using an Alternate CD (v7.10). The installation went fine but after the splash screen, the monitor went blank and doesn't respond to Ctrl+Alt+F1 or Ctrl+Alt+F6. But it does respond to Ctrl+Alt+Del and Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.

I think the problem might be due to the fact that CSCS5536 chip is not supported. Is there any way to solve this problem?


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