Re: wireless suddenly not working (iwl4965)

Derek Broughton <news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I trust you were smart enough to ask here faster than we were :-)

Like Marty, I spent ages trying to figure out why the power was off. I _did_
know that it was turned off, but the HP didn't come with anything _saying_
there was a hardware power switch (it could have been missing some
documentation, as it was an "open box" sale item).

Well to be honest, I actually haven't read any of the HP docs that came
with the notebook :-) I just installed linux on as soon as I got home. I
did notice that slider button several days later but didn't notice that
I had turned it off by mistake.

I very relieved however that it was something obvious and easy to fix, I
have to go to work on the road soon and sitting in my motel with no
wireless driver would be absolutely terrible. Thank you once again!

Peter Smerdon

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