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anthony baldwin <anthony.baldwin01@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is it possible to enable repos from other .deb based distros?

Yes, it's *possible* Dogs can walk on their hind legs, too...

For instance, would it be possible...or, perhaps, rather, would it
work, to add, for instance, Mepis repos to my apt sources list, or linux
mint (I know
they use ubuntu repos)?

Be *very* *very* careful... different distros, Debian-based though they
may be, are not necessarily using *currently* Ubuntu-compatible packages.
For example, Debian Sid is a moving target, Debian testing is a moving
target, Debian stable is behind and not moving... that's what "stable"
means in the Debian context, amongst other things.... as it does in
Ubuntu for that matter. At any given time. whether any of these are
compatible with Ubuntu ( $VERSION) is either a lottery or requires an
intimate knowledge of the state of development of both/all distros
concerned. At the least, it requires common sense ( "Help, I updated libc6
from $REPO and now everything is b0rked!")

We can use actual Debian repos, no?

See above, You get to keep all the pieces if it breaks...

I'm also wondering if on an rpm based distro, if one can add repos from
other distros.
(ie, say you are using PCLOS, can you add fedora repos?)

No idea. Totally off-topic <points at list name> *grin*

Would this be potentially detrimental?

Almost certainly, since afaik PCLOS is based on Mandriva, not Red

Should I be asking this on the apt-rpm or apt lists?

You would probably get flamed...

Do I ask too many silly questions?

Not so much silly as directed to the wrong list?

What color socks are you wearing?

Socks are superfluous :) Ask the ghost of Einstein. Oh, shaving cream is
also superfluous...

(Hey, at least I'm not writing upside down...)

No, just thinking upside down :)
It used to be known as "a rush of blood to the head " I believe... ( /me
runs and ducks)

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