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Oliver Grawert wrote:
On Do, 2008-01-17 at 14:26 +0100, Wolf Canis wrote:

Oliver Grawert wrote:

On Mo, 2008-01-14 at 18:18 +0100, Josef Wolf wrote:


I am trying to compile the kernel on my Gutsy box by myself.

did you have a look at the documentation from the kernel team how to do
it with an ubuntu kernel ?

And there other sites too, but non of these are really working,
Cononical don't want that. You have to use they stock kernel.
All these documentations are incomplete.

what makes you think that ? the linux-source package contains the
complete kernel source. did you talk to the kernel team about it or
filed bugs for the doc-team if you think the documentation is worng ?

If a article, in the first paragraph, have a sentence like

There is no easy way. That is intentionally.

Or similar, than I think it makes no sense.
what interest should canonical have to prevent peoples hardware from
working ? why do you think does the ubuntu distro team waste space for
the linux-headers, build environment etc on the CD that could be filled
with shiny desktop apps ?

That could be a lot of reasons. But that belongs not in this thread. I'm
that I mentioned this in this thread.
if there is the need to build your own stuff (i couldnt imagine why
there would be one to build the kernel itself though, since 99% of the
stuff you might need is modular and there are way better ways to get
working modules than to compile the linux package) you are surely able
to do it ...

Most of all, to represent in the kernel the particular processor. The Ubuntu
stock kernel is build for i586. I use, for example, Intel Dual Core T2130.
And so on. I use mainly laptops and my clients too, therefore I think it's
Besides that, is exactly customization of the kernel the big strength of
Linux. That's makes the big difference between M$ and Linux. And
you can use older hardware. But since Gutsy is that not possible any
more (I tried it on a Toshiba Tecra 8100 PIII Coppermine). With Ubuntu
not possible, now runs the laptop with Gentoo and is productive.
I tried Xubuntu too, but there is the same kernel . BTW, where is difference
between this two Versions, apart from the fact that Ubuntu has Gnome as
desktop and Xubuntu Xfce?
They have split the kernel in several packages:
kernel-image, kernel-modules

these two are debian packages and have nothing to do with ubuntu (note
that ubuntu uses linux- as prefix for all kernel packages it uses).

Yes, I know.

linux-image will contain the same kernel and modules you get from

I didn't compared it, but if you said so, I will it believe.
linux-ubuntu-modules contains modules that are not likely to go to the source ever but are requested by users to make specific
hardware or software work.

That's ok, too.
there is no linux-modules package (and there never was).
the separating of the restricted-modules has licensing reasons that i
would expect to be obvious.

with all your complaints about the build system, did you think about
participating and improving it ? the kernel team would be happy about
every helping hand to make it easier for users, i'm sure ...

I'm really sorry. If I want build a custom kernel then is for that a
reason and
then I want or have to build only this one, not the hole range of Ubuntu
That sample is that.

W. Canis

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