Re: /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax

On Monday 21 January 2008 Nils Kassube's cat, walking on the keyboard, wrote:
Gérard BIGOT wrote:
[Instructions how to become root]

Thank you for your effort to explain how to become root. But, sorry, it
seems we were'nt talking the same language. I do know how to become root
and how the prompt might look like. I just don't think it is obvious that
a command should be used with sudo, if there is only a '#' as an
indication. Probably I should have written it more precisely.

It is a common practice in a lot of Unix books to indicate with $ a command
line for the normale user and with # the command line for the super user. The
fact that ubuntu suggests sudo is not relevant here, I use always the root
account. The real problem here is that $ usually means the prompt of a
normale user, while # not.

And that's what I think isn't useful. If somebody asks for a command on
the list, it should not be expected that he sees or even knows the little
difference between a '#' and a '$' in front of the real command. If I
tell someone a command which should be run as root, I would either
write "sudo some command" or I would mention that it should be run in a
root shell.

Surely it could be detailed to run sudo or a root shell, but as I wrote above,
I think it's a common practice to use # before a single command line to
indicate to run it as root. Moreover we are talking of the /proc filesystem
here, and I don't see any way of confusing the user that should manipulate
such file system.


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