Re: Guest Account, Local Only Anonymous Remailer wrote:
I'm interested in setting up a guest account on my Ubuntu Gutsy
system for local use only. Meaning, friends could have a username
for one account to share, use all of the local devices, CDROM, floppy,
USB, etc. and Internet, but with one condition:

No access to the normal user's directories

You could protect the home directories of all users from "spying" on other
home directories with the command

sudo chmod 700 /home/*

which makes the directories accessible only by their owner.

and above ~/home directories.

I suppose you mean "above /home". Even the guest account needs (read)
access to vital system directories like /etc or /usr/bin (and some more).
Otherwise the guest user can't run any programs. Do you have sensitive
data somewhere outside your home directory? Then you should better move
those data to your home directory.


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