Re: Guest Account, Local Only Anonymous Remailer wrote:
I'm interested in setting up a guest account on my Ubuntu Gutsy
system for local use only. Meaning, friends could have a username
for one account to share, use all of the local devices, CDROM, floppy,
USB, etc. and Internet, but with one condition:

No access to the normal user's directories and above ~/home directories.

The normal user being the one with the password to do sudo commands.

Would there be a simple step-by-step how-to on performing this?
Would there be any disadvantages to doing this?


try System menu > Administration > Users and Groups. Can add a new
user/s there,
with their own log in name and password. These don't have access to your
home folder unless you specifically
allow it.

Hope this is what you are after.
Take Care

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