Re: File Association for JARS

The best application server on earth

One does have to question the wisdom of Sun make file.jar behave as both
but thats how it is.

Huh? There are any number of applications that use zip (or similar)
for file storage. Off the top of my head, python eggs, GIS shape files,
Google maps files, ARGO UML models... There's nothing "unwise" about it,
and for sparse data that is expected to be transmitted across a network,
makes a lot of sense.


So tell me... is this an Executable Jar or a ZIP ?
Its not that zip compression is bad ... ha ha

Its that one cant tell by just looking at it.

Dont you think that maybe if it was JEXE it would have been better.

Jar is always a ZIP, but not compatible with all compression standards.
ie one cant pack class files with any zip utility and rename it jar... but
thats ok.

BUT a JAR is not always an executable... oops... not so smart I think.
There is no magic number to help either, the difference is in the internal
manifest file.

In Kubuntu, go to Konqueror, Settings, File Associations. Select "*.jar",
add (DON'T replace) a command to execute the jar. Keep the existing one -
you WILL eventually want to see what's in a jar file - but you might want
the execution mode to be the default. Gnome has something very similar.

Ok... thanks anyway...... sounds the same as Debian

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