Re: samba times out during transfer

On 02/06/2008 09:35 PM, joe wrote:
haven't found anything useful with Google yet so...

Transferring between desktop and laptop over wireless. Transfers time
out and it will not allow me to retry. Some finish some do not. Could
not find an option in /etc/smb.conf for timeout setting. Anyone know
where this can be adjusted?

Thank in advance,

P.S. over wired network transfers between desktops finish fine.

Have a look here & see if any of that helps:

FWIW - my [global] settings on my desktops are quite similar to the
recommended settings in the appb_02.html. My socket otions are only set
to "TCP_NODELAY. The only problems that I've had is with a laptop with
the standard 'off the shelf' smb.conf file installed by Ubuntu - my file
transfers were taking forever. Once I copied my smb.conf over from the
desktop to the laptop & modified accordingly the transfers worked just
fine. However I only have 'wired' connections.

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