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Wayne Smith wrote:
Wayne Smith <AdminPublisher <at>> writes:

Anybody have any pointers about how to setup a slave drive???? I just
want to use it separately from the Filesystem as storage for my files.

I put it in the computer and formatted it with QTParted. For some
reason, though, it's not listed in Computer, and I have no idea how to
mount it up otherwise and use it.

The drive I'm trying to use is a Western Digital 80gb hard drive. I want to use
it separately from my filesystem as storage for my files. I have it setup as a
slave drive apart from the master drive. I managed to get it mounted by
reformatting it in ext3 with QTParted and rebooting the computer. Now, however,
it says the drive belongs to root and I can't read or write to it. It's an IDE


In a terminal window cd to the mount point (with the drive mounted) and
simply "chown username:groupname ." Where username is your user name. The
groupname is normally the same....

That should be "sudo chown....."

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