Re: eclipse-pydev: New upstream release 1.3.13 avaible

On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 11:41:00AM -0400, Derek Broughton wrote:
Kristian Rink wrote:

Am Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:59:41 -0800
schrieb Nick Stinemates <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I think for packages such as these, a generic way to install it in an
Ubuntu like fashion -- i.e, putting it in proper/guessable directory
structure -- is the draw to having it done through Synaptic.

I am definitely torn about that, absolutely unsure whether having
an application platform like Eclipse installable using syn(apt)ic is
desirable. Imagine this situation:

- Somebody used to working with Eclipse moves from Windows to Ubuntu
and discovers that Ubuntu In Its Undisputable Greatness already comes
with Eclipse in its repository. "apt-get install eclipse-sdk", and
things seem fine.

Hey, we must be looking for a name for Hardy+1 - IIUG works for me!

Too late. Intrepid Ibex is already confirmed for Hardy+1.

Too? Perhaps what it really needs is for apt to be able to say, for any package
with predictable directory structures, "Ah, there is a locally installed
copy at version X, let's not install for now". This would be fairly simple
in the package install scripts, but difficult to do before downloading the

- However, by then, one is possibly used to working with the Eclipse
Update Manager, so possibly after installing the Eclipse SDK via
synaptic, making use of this facility provided by Eclipse to install
some additional features and uninstall some others.

I believe I misread the initial tone, and is definitely why I encased
it in <rant> tag's as well ;)

We're all friends, again! :-)

From that point of view, I wonder
whether not having Eclipse available via the Ubuntu repos would be a
better solution than having (no offense to those who build the Eclipse
packages) a half-baked solution that breaks either apt or Eclipse
Update Manager.

I wonder, but the real problem is that everybody and their dog designs their
own package update system. Whatever happened to the concept of reuse? If
Eclipse (and others) would just use .deb formats, it would be a perfect
world and we'd all be happy (not to mention rich & beautiful).

The project I mostly use Eclipse with is maven based. That adds a whole new
complication as it continually downloads gigabytes of java packages I
already have from Ubuntu...

Excuse my ignorance, but do other distros have this problem or have they
solved it somehow?


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