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Donald wrote:

I'm a Windows sysadmin who is new to Ubuntu. My son has been
busting my chops to give it a look and I recently acquired a Dell
2650 that I would like to configure as a firewall for my network.

Knowing next to nothing about the OS I was hoping someone could
point me in the right direction where I might find some literature
and how-to information that would assist me in this endeavor. My
son simply gushes over Ubuntu and having seen the workstation
version on his PC, I must admit that it appears very

At $1000.00+ for an entry-level SonicWall firewall (that my
secadmins insist is not a "real" firewall) and upwards of $5000.00
for a CheckPoint solution, not to mention license fees, a
Linux-like implementation simply makes good sense. A security
consultant friend of mine swears that a rock-solid implementation
is possible; I just need a little guidance.

You could install a full fledged linux OS and configure it as a
firewall, but you might find more useful as
a dedicated installation.

I agree here, if you have a low-end box, install smoothwall. Use the
new Lappy for YOUR install of Ubu (or what ever *nix you wish to
play with).

one thing about smoothwall which is starting to bother me is the lack
of security on the login page - no https thus an attacker can sniff
the admin password off the wire and then gain access to the firewall.
that's bad.

... that's assuming you are accessing the admin from outside the local
network. It's prolly not wise to allow something like that.

for example, I can admin my routers etc from within my own net, but
it's shutoff on the wan side. I have to assume that smooth has the same

endian firewall is more secure and also takes more effort to setup -
it is an offshoot of smoothwall. check it out.

I can't comment on the above.

Best regards,

I'd love to help you -- it's just that the Boss won't let me near the

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