Re: Trying to mount archived mbox file from cdrom in folder of evolution profile

On 02/25/2008 11:36 AM, geoffrey froner wrote:
What I did:

My friend had several thousand(!) emails in Outlook Express and she
wanted to move to Linux. I Winzipped the emails and then unzipped
them in XP on a dual boot machine. Next I installed Thunderbird.exe,
and, slick and easy, imported the existing files. We could just
leave them on XP, or, in your case, on a CD and read when desired.
Or we could launch Linux (Ubu) and, using Evolution, or TB, import
the files across systems for more permanent access.

I hope this works for you (and anyone else with this problem).
Besides being buggy, Outlook makes it as difficult as possible to
import/export email files.



Excellent points & this might be helpful:

If you don't have a dual-boot Windows, you can easily install
Thunderbird via Wine and do the conversion that way. Then follow the
instructions on page 1 & 2. The remaining pages show how to get them
from Thunderbird to Evolution.

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 11:15 PM, John Toliver <john.toliver@xxxxxxxxx>

what I'm trying to do:

Place a cdrom with my stored emails from the previous year into my
drive and have it appear in my evolution profile. This would allow me
to browse them and look for information then close the folders and
pull the CD out. I don't want to copy the whole mbox file back into
the profile for evolution to be able to read it.

What I've tried so far:
I've been able to copy a simple mbox file into the evolution profile
and have it show up, and evolution will even recognize a link to the
file BUT I can't make a link from a mounted volume like a cdrom.
Also, when I place the test archive on a flash drive, evolution tries
to read it and then gives up saying it can't lock the file which means
I can't even open an archive sitting on a USB flash drive with rw
ability (formatted as fat32).

I just want a clean way of being able to add my old email file
structure when I need to, and then pull it out without having to make
space for a few hundred MB of emails.

Alternatively if evolution can be made to look at the cdrom drive that
would be great also.

Any ideas would be great.

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