Re: VNC ? again

On 02/27/2008 05:16 PM, Wade Smart wrote:
02272008 1904 GMT-6

I received a call today asking for some help setting up vnc. I had
horrible problems doing this on my own system and had no further luck today.

The systems are Fiesty. tightvnc and tightvnc-java were already
installed. This is for an internal network only. Admin to classrooms in
a school. Ip was and for testing purposes. We
were unable to log in. As with my own system, all we got was : RFB
003.007 when trying to connect.

I found this tutorial and still - on a brand new newly setup system I
couldnt get vnc to work.

What is the deal with this?

What the heck am I totally missing!


Wade, VNC is already there, just enable by System|Preferences|Remote
Desktop. Click on "Allow other users etc". Uninstall the tight VNC
stuff. Even though I use Gnome v KDE I high recommend installing and
using Krdc as the client. It's much easier to use and the scroll bars
actually work.

When you get that working, come back & we'll help you set up NX (or
freeNX) if you'd like.

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