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Wade Smart wrote:
NoOp wrote:
On 02/27/2008 06:42 PM, Wade Smart wrote:
NoOp wrote:

Wade, VNC is already there, just enable by System|Preferences|Remote
Desktop. Click on "Allow other users etc". Uninstall the tight VNC
stuff. Even though I use Gnome v KDE I high recommend installing and
using Krdc as the client. It's much easier to use and the scroll bars
actually work.

When you get that working, come back & we'll help you set up NX (or
freeNX) if you'd like.

02272008 2035 GMT-6

I know is already there.
This is what I need to do - or help set up.

From the front office to the back of the school - the admin needs to be
able to control the screen - the mouse, point and click, etc, to show
the end user how to do, or how to fix something. Because of some out of
date district rules we cant install other software on the computers so,
I thought we could do it via the browser.

This is what I have now.

Under Remote Desktop Preferences I have
Allow other users to view your desktop
Allow other users to control your desktop
Ask you for confirmation
Require the user to enter this password.
What happens when you try to login? Does it prompt and take the
password? Following that does it just give you a black screen? If so
then the user on the other end needs to accept the connection. While
testing I'd recommend turning off Ask you for confirmation - just make
sure to keep the password requirement.

As I understand it, you have to have tightvncserver to have a shared
session. Unless Im misunderstanding, I want a shared session - one that
I and the teacher both share. Right?
Should work, although you guys might get confused on who's moving the
mouse at each end... I just tested on my system and I can VNC into it
from two other systems and both work usind Krdc as the client. No
tightVNC installed, just plain Vino that comes with the standard Ubuntu

All the desktops have Gnome.

I want to access the Ubuntu desktops with both Ubuntu and Windows XP
clients via a browser.
Then I'd recommend recommend using UltraVNC as the client for the
WindowsXP box.

Right now if I try either the IP address or the url I get: RFB 003.007

I'll uninstall tight and try it straight.


02282008 1114 GMT-6

NoOp, I have access to my computer again (what a relief) and I have
uninstalled tightvnc. I saw the post by David about the steps to get VNC
working but something crept into my mind.

Just to be clear: I need to access a Ubuntu computer (about 20 right
now) from both ubuntu and windows XP systems. On the XP systems I am not
allowed to install extra software such as the VNC Viewer so I wanted to
do all of this over the browser.

And thinking one step ahead - as soon as I set this up the local admin
will want to log in from home to fix something so security should be
Reading this article about SSH - it says right at the beginning that it
does not use Vino - but can it be used?

And the next thing I have to think about is - (and this might be wishful
thinking) the desktops being accessed are teachers pc's. They dont know
anything about their computers. So I really want this to be as simple as


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