Re: Need help configuring a serial impact printer with Ubuntu 7.10

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Johan Pretorius wrote:

|> Brilliant! The web interface to configure printers told me straight
|> away
|> that there is a problem with the Serial port (Permissions) - This was
|> easily
|> fixed.
|> Now the printer is printing, but it's printing garbage. I know that
|> when I
|> cat something to the serial port that it actually works fine (this is
|> when
|> it is a plain text file) but printing a plain text file seems to print
|> garbage (no idea where the formatting comes from). I will try the plain
|> text
|> driver to see if it works. Please let me know if you have any more
|> pointers
|> for me.
|> Thanks
| Just tried the Text only driver and there is still a lot of garbage
| than readable text) printed. Any ideas?

ive had good luck with .ppd files available from manufacturers websites.
~ the option is given to use one of these through cups web config. ive
never used an epson printer though or any printer via serial.

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Steve Reilly

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