Re: Which Python IDE?

Enils wrote:
Pydev is a good python editor and as you know there is an eclipse
plug-in for it. I use vi myself, but when I'm in the mood to use a Gui
Editor I use pydev. Its developers have not gone overboard with
options like Eric IDE for example. I like it because it's light weight
and does not try to be an all in one type of editor.

*TWEEEEEEET* 25 yard penalty for trying to seriously use "light weight"
in reference to anything written in /JAVA/. I decided to chuck anything
written in Java to the wayside after I decided to kick Azureus to the side.
With a lack of quality Linux bittorrent clients it was hard. But then I
decided to look at some Python clients. Stuff comparable to Azureus. Then
for giggles did uTorrent in WINE. End results:

uTorrent (C in WINE), 10Mb RAM, 0.01 load.
G3Torrent and Rufus (Python clients both), 30Mb RAM 0.1 load
Azureus (Java), 300Mb RAM, 2.0 load at nice 0, 1.1-1.2 load at nice 5.

Eclipse compared to other editors is the same. It's not the program,
it's just that Java is a pig when it comes to resources. I really have never
found a program in Java that is not 10x larger than a similar program in
Python and far larger than the same program in C.


With that said WING is what I would use if I were strapped to a Windows
box working on command line/daemon Python scripts. Boa-Constructor, for all
its many... many... MANY faults is the only editor in which I could construct
a decent wxPython GUI app. I ended up building the GUI in Boa-Constructor,
slaughtering a chicken to ensure it didn't blow up while saving the framework
then did the heavy coding in vim. I wish WING did wx for GUI work. :/

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