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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
Yeah, I posted to Kubuntu User list, got one reply
no solution. So, I'll try here as I usually post
because get better help. Here is the original

From: Leonard Chatagnier <lenc5570@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Add Printer Wizard Issue
To: Kubuntu Users List

I am desperate to get a local usb printer
my AMD64 X2 6000+ Gateway machine. Have been
for days using localhost:631/admin and System
-> Printers -> Add printers/classes. The info I
to print is for income tax preparation and time
running out. What I find in System Settings ->
Printers -> Add printers/classes is that the
printers(parallel, serial, usb) is greyed out and
it it greyed out nothing will install the printer
me. Can anyone please tell me how to make the
printers button active again so that I can
Epson Stylus CX5800F USB printer. Am getting
desperate and need a solution quickly. Thanks
much for you help,

I have googled on this to no end; more than a week
find many hits but no solution for me. This issue
come up before and got fixed but don't remember
I could really use some help on this. Many thanks
any info.

Leonard Chatagnier

I just looked and the GUI printer setup you
reach with System -
Administration - Printers will allow any port you
can think of for the
printer port. I think you want a Internet printer
and that can be set up
there with no problem. I just made my printer
Internet ready. I guess my
wife can use it now :-)
Karl, have tried just about all on the add printer
wizard list, except the greyed out ones, and all have
failed for one reason or another. Have used
epson:/dev/usb/lp0 and others. Probably not using the
right Device URI but to best I can find googling the
above should do it but doesn't. I've tried samba, LTP,
IPP(ipp) and IPP(http), Hal backend, etc, etc and no
luck. The funny thing about it all is that I've setup
Epson prenters several times without a hitch but only
when Local printers(parellel, serial, USB) wasn't
greyed out. This is a fairly new install of Gutsy 64
bit and the printer just worked out of the box but
something has changed installing/purging some programs
which has removed ubuntu and kubunt desktops and
others several times due to dependencies. I sure
wouldn't like to do another full install which
probably wouldn't end up like the first one. Open to
any suggestions especiall one that would make local
printers functional. Thanks for the info,

Leonard Chatagnier

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