Re: Installing Ubuntu as 2nd OS

On Fri, 2008-04-18 at 12:35 -0700, chitu alexandru wrote:
i don't recomend you to do that on a laptop
it's better to do it on a separat hdd,because any linux is installing
some files on the windows partition,

Ubuntu installs the boot loader (which also allows to start Windows)
into the Master Boot Record (MBR), but it does not put files onto the
Windows partition. Where did you hear that?

When using the Alternate install CD, it is possible (but I wouldn't
recommend it except in some narrowly-defined circumstances) to set up
other boot methods that do not even touch the MBR

and that will harm both programs,i have try this and after a few days
it colapsed all,and lost all data from my comp.

Millions of people have done exactly this for years. I don't know what
your problem was, but it is certainly not correct to say that it is a
common occurrence.

<snip>be carefull whit the internet launch you need to set up the
corret parameters to work not all start automaticaley when it finished
the instaling.

For most network configurations (DHCP via cable or wireless) it should
in fact work automatically with recent Ubuntu releases. The only more or
less common case that needs some work is to configure ppp-over-ethernet,
which some ISPs require. I seem to have read that this is improved in
the upcoming version 8.04, but I'm not completely sure.

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